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Well the shop itself was pleasant the people that were working there (as salesmen / women) made it easier to get the shift through. The management was horrible and the Assitants as well. Really bad mannered, I must say sometimes bullyied youngest empoyees. They would make us stay overtime, write the hours sign it but at the end of every month "forgot" to pass on the book to the Company Accountant so we could get paid. I remember co workers describing an event that the manager locked the doors of the shop and wouldnt let them out untill they had the shop all tidied up. And that was already one hour over the time the shop was supposed to close and the end of the shift. Athens store downtown had a very bad reputation when it came to working there. People would come and go all the time. An average of time people managed to stay there was 6 months. I lasted 8 while I was looking for something better, as it concerns the salary of course it was the lowest possible. 2,35€ per hour I have many horrible stories for this specific shop but I wont go on since I think I clearly made my point.
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