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Good:is that as a server you can pick up shifts or give away your shift

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Bad:alot of favoritism also tipping out other positions where we as servers believe that person should be not tipped out from our pockets but should be given an hourly decent rate


If i dont feel up to working today i can always give up my shift if it gets approved by management


No good health benefits, no breaks especially if its a busy shift, also too much sidework
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fun to work for

it is a nice place to work for and has an excellent service. it has high standards for its crew and does an excellent job keeping the material stocked and kept up
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Fast paced

Opportunity to make decent money but will be on your feet all day. Management needs improvement, different policies depending on which one is working that day.
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chaotic corporate serving environment

It wasn't good, it wasn't bad. It felt nice to take care of people. Other than that the environment was chaotic. But if you're working with people you like it isn't miserable.
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Great Company Stable and Growth Potential

Darden was a great developer of their people. The company had a great culture at one point but that had changed over time to be more about value and the bottom line. I worked for 17 years but left during covid as I was unable to see family due to family members issues. I learned that when overall culture changes within the corporate headquarters then the trickle down to units becomes an issue of how the employees percieve the company
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The people I work with save this job

Working here is hit or miss. I am in a tipped biased position and the location of my restaurant is not the best. There are some days I can make ok money and some days I make nothing. The only saving grace is the people I work with and management tries their best to make sure we are at least making some money on the shift. Overall Id give my job a 4-5 out of 10 because there is no improvement or longevity in the company.


Get paid same day, meet a lot of great coworkers.


Some days you make under minimum wage, The cliental are some of the worst people you will have the displeasure of ever meeting
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Inconsistent and discrediting

I am someone who will do something if I see it needs to be done and I am never credited for it. I am constantly lectured for not going by the books every detail yet I still get the job done effectively. I’m constantly getting called in to work on my off-days with zero overtime pay. I work every holiday with zero extra pay. It is increasingly difficult to call out for any emergency. The management has no communication with the employees and does not care for our input. There needs to immense improvement on things within this company.
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Flexible hours, good money.

I really like working there, they pay well and are very flexible with scheduling. Management is always willing to work with you and is understanding.
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Fun place to work

Flexible schedule. Inclusive. Great management and leadership. They care about their employees. Opportunities for advancement. Fun place to work. Excellent benefits.




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Good Company

Good products and supply chain. Great place to learn about high volume production cooking. Work life balance is iffy. Lots of long days, nights. Can be stressful but what kitchen job isn’t?
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Management was terrible

Everyone would get stressed and put their stress onto others especially the managers and would be in their teams ear for an entire shift during a rush which never helped


Nice coworkers


Only one 10 minute break for shifts 5 hours and under
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Okay place to work

It's an okay place to work, I served tables here. Loved the old managers that truly cared about their restaurant and employees. They got rid of them and brought in all new management and things changed. Some of the managers care, others I feel are out to get you.


Works with availability


Low pay
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Great people to work with, but not always prepared for the workday ahead

As a former line cook for dinnertime, there were times that foods were not prepared for the night crew. We had to improvise, but it would sometimes screw us for the rest of the night. Other than that the people who I had work with there were amazing and management were ok.
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Skill set outgoing

The serving is meant for people lovers. Daily interactions with old faces and new faces will make the job fun. Finding a balance between serving guests and entertaining them is the key to making the the company easy.
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Good starting job

Staff and other employees were awesome and pay was fair the only complaint was management but what company is perfect. They aren’t going to care if your feeling the worst they want you to perform your best, also watch what you say and just be professional. Anyways it’s a ok job hope this helps
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Managers do not care for you only about the money you get hurt They don’t care.you can’t come they try to fire you even if it’s an emergency the pay is horrible only get paid good on weekends the tips are better then your on checks
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Fast paced workplace

This was a fast paced workplace. Most of the employees there are quite welcoming. To me a job is a job so I cannot say that I enjoyed it more than any other
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Fun Work Place

Good and fun place to work. It can get really overwhelming at times but there are good team members to help you out when you need. I like the people I work with.
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Swing schedule, good pay

If you can do the swing schedule (unless you have a great GM and get a fair one) the pay is good. Super high volume, you have to be good at what you do. I couldn't do it after 4 years.
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waste of time, never liked working there. wasted 5 years of my life to the restaurant. never promoted me. felt like a dead end. hated getting new managers
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Good opportunity to advance

You can get out of this job what you put into it. The staff can be young so sometimes you have to be willing to teach yourself the correct procedures. Moving up just takes consistency and patience
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