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The company is fun and nice to work for. They are trying to produce the best product possible which is amazing. They are geared toward guests and still care about employees.
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Management is, uh, not nice.

From management to the kitchen staff, they'll smile in your face, but be prepared to leave with knives in your back. With management, I know they get paid well to be complete jerks. You will never be able to kiss enough.... Employees act as though they are your friends, but are quick to throw you under the bus. I can say all that (and more!) because I've worked at multiple locations, and it's all the same.
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Horrible and toxic work environment

The worst training experience I have ever had and I have worked in the restaurant for almost 2 decades. Managers treat you like you’re in the military and nobody is actually happy EVER. Many of the other servers had extremely horrible mood swings. Overall, a very uncomfortable environment. They said that most people have to repeat 2 days of training. Really think about it before applying to this toxic and horrible establishment.
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Horrible Management

Managers are not open to your input and are retaliatory if you press them on issues. They often overstaff and you make very little money. You are not cared about by this company
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Depending on who was working

Somedays were more fun, relaxed depending on who was managing. Other days you were insulted top to bottom from your hair, your makeup earrings. Definitely had to have thick skin to work here.
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Strong management and workplace excellence

There is lively work culture. Service is structured and the management holds high expectations for their servers. This helps create a culture of excellence. Plus, the food is great so guests tend to be very satisfied!
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You learn great work ethic

J.Alexanders Work life balance is hard to come by. It’s a great paying job but hard career. It is a job you can be passionate about. Hard work pays off.
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Management was a nightmare.

Every manager at Stoney River on Brownsboro road, KY, was hostile. The slightest things could send them into a loud, yelling, rage. I wouldn’t recommend any server to work here, the management made me hate my job.


Good money.


Everything else you could imagine.
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Great money/ clientele

Overall it was a great place to work to make money to put myself through college! Most people end up staying there for a really long time. They are very strict about appearance but that is to be expected.
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Good place to work but either overwhelming or empty

I was a hostess and I would say that the job is either very overwhelming or you do nothing. Besides Sunday brunch, mornings were slow but night shifts can get crazy.
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Great job

i was in the kitchen and its a great job if you like to actually cook. Management was decent. Starting pay was higher than other comparable restaurants
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Fun place to work - but you put in the effort everyday for low hourly pay

Similar story at every resturtant/serving position - LOTS of side work not compensated fairly. Tips add up but often not enough to beat much more than min wage
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Awful. Don’t do it

J Alexander’s Chattanooga is honestly the worst place I have ever worked at. The side work is just crazy. The management is all young and they have favorites and you will notice that they pick and choose certain people they want to give good sections to. The only good thing is the money. I worked here for about a year and decided to quit. Not worth it.
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Good pay and people

Stoney River pays well for an hourly or serving position. Only open at night so it works well if you’re working another job. Company was sold a few months back, so may be slowly changing.
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Fine first job

The management was alright and the hours were pretty good. You are expected to do a lot and now paid that well for all that you do but that’s pretty basic with hosts.
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J alexanders was very professional working with

The workplace was pretty good. The managers are called "coaches," and they really care. There is not much flexibility with working as a waitress unless you switch with others but that's a thing everywhere. The down part is that there are no bussers so this responsibility falls on wait staff and hostesses.
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Fun atmosphere with an intense culture

The atmosphere is fun while yet demanding. The running duties can be a bit much at times but overall the pay is well worth the being beat up sometimes and the company as a whole really tries to take good care of everybody
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Very strict. Hypocritical management

Money can be good. Atmosphere unfriendly and management not supportive. Look elsewhere. Seniority prevents new servers from getting equal table opportunities.
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You make bank$$$

J’s was the toughest serving job I’d ever had because side work + running side work would keep me super busy. But I made nearly $1200 every week working 6 shifts. Especially around the holidays. If you can work hard sometimes 12+ hour shifts then you’ll make lots of money
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Best of the best!

One of the best restaurants that I worked for in my 20 years in the service industry. Excellent culture. Maintained very high standards throughout the time I worked there and they still do. I love that about them!
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Little room for advancement

Little room for advancement if you don't look a certain way. Asked to remove employees from schedule that did not fit culture due to looks or age. Hiring decisions are made the same way
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