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My work experience in Johnson and Johnson was my first exposure to the industry as an engineering undergraduate student. My responsibilities included the maintenance, updating and coordination of the companies Material's Safety Data Sheets database. In addition, I was responsible for documenting and translating procedures relating to Hazard Analysis & Risk Assesment for a variety of the plant's facilities and operations, in accordance to the company's EHS&S policy. Working for a company like Johnson & Johnson was a unique experience, as I had the opportunity to gain insight on the workplace culture of a global multinational company. In addition, I was able to understand critical points in the vast subject of Environent, Health and Safety, and got to work on trially-relevant procedures. Finally, I had a first inside look into the everyday life of an engineer in a industrial unit, and understood how a Chemical engineer can fit into the discrete manufacturing sector.
Excellent supervisor and colleagues, really good work environment, nice food
Lack of continuity (summer internship of 1 month)
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