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KFC Ανασκοπήσεις Υπαλλήλου σε Κύπρος

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Good company to work with. Dificult to get promoted to go higher in position.


Full time job


Dificult for promotions
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it is a very hard work. you have to be able to deal with different kind of customers and serve them fast. You work around 7-8 hours per day and you have only 15-30 minutes break.


free lunch


long hours
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i engaged in a lot of client interaction, I learnt to use new softwares including SAP system and worked as part of a team which helped my team working abilities, everyone was very helpful and friendly
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Productive and fun workplace

Excellent team, everyone cooperating, helping each other when is very busy, excellent management. Always with a smile in the face, pleasant, happy to serve the customer and happy to work in such place. Cleaning my workbench and the whole restaurant. Re-feel the stock. The hardest part of the job was at the grand opening of the shop... The most enjoyable part of the job is when i m joking with my colleagues.


Nice People


low salary
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