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It is a very good place to work.

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It is good restaurant with great people to work with. It sells very good food and mangers trains their employees very well to get them preppared to work in a busy envirement.


greta teamates


low salary
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Great place to work

Loved working here best job experience I’ve ever had. Crew became family and while I have moved on I hold a special place in my heart for Logan’s and the people I’ve met there. Made great money.
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Great coworkers

The people you meet are amazing. Like every other restaurant more can be done. Especially with COVID a lot of the reliable workers are over worked. Management are nice people.
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Ok but could be more organized

Job was ok, money was ok. The management was a lil wild but the hours are good. Used by slow until about 4 hours before closing. Met some cool people, no breaks.
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unprofessional, unorganized

It is a complete mess, managers are unprofessional, everything was unorganized, and pay isn’t good enough. It was slow 99% of the time and not worth the time and effort.
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Fast paced but fun

Customers are nice but management could have used some improvement. Fast paced job and good pay for the hours. The lunch shift is better managed and more relaxed.
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Fast paced and low training

I never got hours except once a week. No set time off. There is a lack of training. It’s very fast paced, they only scheduled me on the busy day. They expect more than what they trained you for.


50% discount on shift 30% off


No breaks, bad scheduling, lower pay
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Terrible place to work. The coworkers were what really made it the majority of the time, we all suffered together. Upper management was terrible and the place could never keep workers/ managers alike.
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Run away. If you're not friends with a "manager".... You will feel like you're under valued.

If you haven't been there for awhile. Run away. The pay is average and some get raises while others don't. You will feel under valued and under appreciated. Anything under 11 dollars per hour is ridiculous for the type work you do. Desperate, this the job for you!


Half off food


Everything. No breaks if you are a cook! Short hours of you're new. Unless they are under staffed.
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It’s sucked. Every day was like a nightmare. The management does not help when servers get overloaded. Managers talk to servers like They are beneath them..
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Better management needed; Server minimum wage;

When I quit, I quit thinking they would stop me since my reason was standing up for all servers having uneven sidework. Company should pay server more
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always upbeat, busy and positive.

Great Team atmosphere-(family) Relaxed, yet super-charged. Management always willing to listen and lend a hand if short staffed, assignments are easily managed and there's discount for employee meals- food always superior. the greatest short coming is that work hours are not always steady and there is no health insurance.
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Not a employee friendly job

Poor management. Company does not value it's employees let's the poor employees get away with anything while not rewarding the good employees for doing there job


Not many pros


No designated breaks
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Manager are horrible

They over work you there the managers don't help they expect you to do everyone's job.they make u stay longer and working off the clock or change your hours
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It was okay.

As a server you generally don’t make much. I recommend cook, bartender, or manager if you want to succeed. Very fast paced, must be good with people obviously.


Free yeast rolls


No advancement
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Great if you keep your head down and stick to your job

The work was always fast-paced and full of unnecessary stress from other employees. If you're somebody who can go to work every day and not get involved in drama you'll be fine but the managers and other staff didn't hold that same sentiment.
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Productive, good startimg point for working in the industry

Pretty decent working. If you are looking for the hours they will give it to u. Able to get the days off that i need through the week. Mangement comes and goes
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Fired by email

Due to Covid and exceptionally poor management, all but a handful of employees were terminated by an email. The benefits that we had ended with six hours notice leaving 18,000+ without benefits including health insurance for my family. Never again.
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Very busy and long hours. Management wants you to work more and more hours.

Overall a fun place to work and receive decent money as a college student. Many times, however, there are too many servers scheduled so you won't make as much as you'd like. Seems to be a very high-stress work environment.
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Productive and Fun

My first job during high school, I got along really well with my coworkers and I really enjoyed my time there. Work was pretty easy but got a little stressful during busy hours.
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Don’t recommend

Great job ! Just understaffed , bad management, low pay, and no respect . Not a good job to work at with kids they always want you to work doubles! 10/10 don’t recommend!
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