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McDonald's Ανασκοπήσεις Υπαλλήλου σε Κύπρος

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Mc Donalds

Μια εταιρεια που σου προσφερει αρκετα,καλο εργασιακο περιβαλλον,πολυ καλη εξυπηρετηση του πελατη.
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fun environment

typical day includes taking orders, stocking items needed, cleaning. learning is important at mcdonalds and you get intensive training to be able to deliver excellent customer service unfortunately management was a bad experience, with some managers exploiting the working schedule by favouring crew members that were friends over those who werent


free food


long hours bad management
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not recommending

mcdonalds although is a very nice and colourful environment and the kind of job that keeps you busy it has lots of cons. long hours and bad management equals to a headache also favouring of crews happens a lot they do provide training but not all crews are able to excel and thus when peak hour there is usually lots of confusion and mistakes done when crews are inadequate


free lunches


long hours
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Fast paced with excellent service

Everyday was a busy day because of the location of the store. i learned many things such as working in a team, leading a team, cleanliness, closing and opening the store and everything else there was to learn in the job.


Free food


Low salary and long hours
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Good sallary .

They co-workers were friendly something that you need or else you might get into disagreements.
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