Olive Garden
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  • Γενικός Διευθυντής
    Gene Lee
    έγκριση για την απόδοση του/της Gene Lee
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  • Μέγεθος εταιρείας
    πάνω από 10.000
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    1 δισ. € έως 4 δισ. € (EUR)
  • Κλάδος
    Εστιατόρια και υπηρεσίες εστίασης
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Bar Staff σε Kefalonia
στις 14 Αυγούστου 2016
A fun and demanding enviroment
Worked either alone or alongside a small team of bar staff within a busy resort bar. Learnt to proactively and independently solve the many queries and problems that arise from holidaymakers as I was the first point of contact, having then to relay them to the tour operator and owner whilst simultaneously maintaining a high quality bar service (food and drinks). Management was encouraging and supportive although they expected you to cope with a workload that would have probably been more suitable to 2 workers, 1 Full time, 1 part-time, however due to financial state of business owing to Greece's economic situation this was not the case. My co-workers consisted of the manager on occasion and a chef who was very reluctant to undertake any other duties despite times when the bar, alongside dealing with holidaymakers enquiries pertaining to matters outside of the bar, was extremely busy despite him having a financial investment in the business. This relationship was the hardest part of the job due to lack of support. The most enjoyable part of the job was interaction with the customers and their appreciation of the efforts you were putting in to make their stay enjoyable by dealing with their enquiries which nobody else seemed particularly concerned with.
Captain σε athens gr.
στις 20 Μαρτίου 2018
fast moving during the peek season after renovation work area was easier to handle for the staff,the only promblems that we encountered was the heat at mid-day when the sun was at it' peek.

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