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As the world's number one recruitment company, we pride ourselves on using the latest technology, combined with the expertise of our specialist consultants, to find jobseekers fulfilling and prosperous careers. Just graduated and looking for your first job? Or after that position that will help you step up that career ladder? Whatever stage of your – 
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be inspired - join our team.

Choosing the right company to drive your career forward is crucial. If you're looking to start a career in recruitment, or you're an experienced consultant looking for a new opportunity, we can help. When you join Randstad, you'll be joining a welcoming and driven team where there is fantastic training on offer to help your career progress. With offices across the UK that operate across multiple sectors, there are opportunities for everyone. Want more information? You can email us on tas@randstad.co.uk or check out our current vacancies here: https://careers.randstad.co.uk

our sectors - public services.

Our public services recruiters work across the care, education, international teaching and student support sectors to find jobseekers just like you fantastic roles in great locations. If you're in it for the long-term and are looking for that perfect permanent position, we can help with the entire recruitment process. If you're looking to pick up some shifts to fit around your schedule, you can use our work app to accept shifts on the go in a matter of seconds. Keep on reading for some more info on what we cover: Care Our care recruitment team is made up of 80 consultants who are based across the UK, and are available 24/7/365. The sectors we cover are as follows: - social care - social work - nursing - allied health We placed over 3,500 candidates into jobs last year, providing over 2 million hours of care. Want to be part of our team? Call us on 0844 8000 675 or search our jobs today: randstad.co.uk/jobs/s-social-care randstad.co.uk/jobs/s-health Education With over 150 specialist consultants across the UK, our education recruiters work hard to provide high quality teaching, leadership, support, and non-teaching staff to schools, multi-academy trusts and federations. We like to help unlock a world of exciting career opportunities for our candidates whilst ensuring our clients have top class support both inside and outside of the classroom. We specialise in the below sectors: - early years - primary - secondary - SEN - school support We also have a specialist international teaching team, Randstad Teachanywhere, who work with fantastic schools across the globe. So, if you want to jet off on an exciting adventure whilst building your career, get in touch with the team on 0203 870 6354. To find out more about what we offer, give us a call on 0845 600 1234, or search our jobs: randstad.co.uk/jobs/s-education Student support Our student support division is the UK’s biggest national provider of non-medical helper support to students in higher education. With over 15 years’ experience, we pride ourselves on providing the best quality support possible to students in higher and further education in the following roles: - notetaker - specialist study skills tutor - specialist mentor We are based out of our hub office in Manchester, but support students at universities and colleges across the UK - in fact, last year we supported 8,000 students to achieve their full potential. Want to find out more? Call us on 0161 247 8800.

our sectors - CPE.

Our Randstad CPE recruiters look after all things Construction, Property, Engineering, Aviation and Rail. Our specialist teams will help match you to your perfect job, across multiple amazing locations across the UK. Whether you are just starting off, a recent graduate or a highly experienced worker our consultants will help find a job that suits you. We provide permanent, contract and temporary roles so you can find a job that fits you and your lifestyle. Randstad CPE can be broken down into 3 specialist categories. Construction and Property: Construction and Property is our largest category and covers a wide range of roles. With 12 branches across the UK, our aim is to be able to find you a job, wherever you are located. Job sectors include: - Construction - Fm & maintenance - Skilled trades & labour - M&E - Surveying - Architecture & Design - Planning - Rail Find your local branch and speak to one of our consultants today https://www.randstad.co.uk/employers/our-offices/. Engineering: Our specialist Engineering team is headed up by Chris Fine, who has worked with Randstad since 2011. His highly qualified team cover all engineering roles across the UK and work with some of the biggest names in engineering. Sectors included but are not limited to; - Automotive - Environmental & geotechnical - Energy Oil & gas water - Aerospace - FMCG Aviation: Our Aviation sector is looked after by our sister company Qualitair. Since its beginnings in 1969, Qualitair is recognised as a benchmark for quality in the aviation and aerospace industry. Qualitair’s area of expertise: - Line maintenance - Base maintenance - Engineering & management roles - Aircraft painters - Component and workshop roles Explore Qualitairs available job roles here https://www.qualitair.com/jobs/.

our sectors - client solutions.

Client Solutions is one of our 5 core UK business units and comprises a number of specialist teams. The Client Solutions team is operationally responsible for multiple areas including Group Corporate Sales, Strategic Account Management, along with delivering MSP and RPO solutions. So, they manage our contracts with large clients. Another part of Client Solutions is our Financial Services team. Our specialist recruiters work hard to find candidates the best jobs in banking and financial services at some of the world's largest companies. The jobs come with fantastic options and flexibility - whatever your availability and outlook, there are hundreds of roles to suit your position. Plus if it's contracting roles you're after, we know the companies looking for you. You can search our jobs by clicking here: randstad.co.uk/jobs/s-financial-services

our sectors - business solutions.

The Business Solutions (BS) team specialise in filling vacant business support roles from the best candidates available on the market. Randstad is recognised for having the best temporary and permanent accountancy and finance jobs with experts who are ready to assist you in finding the perfect role. Business solution recruiters are responsible for a range of business areas such as HR, IT and technology, retail, sale, secretarial, administration, accountancy and finance. Our dedicated consultants place hundreds of people just like you into both private and public sector jobs each month. We know that offices wouldn’t function without you, and our consultants are keen to help you find a role that's perfect for you. We provide fantastic career opportunities for professionals who want to explore jobs across various industries, across the UK, for temporary or permanent roles.

how payroll works.

At Randstad, we have a dedicated payroll team to support not only with paying our workers, but also with any queries consultants and candidates may have. Here are a few payroll FAQs: For PAYE workers: Q: When will I get paid? A; Our payrolls are processed to ensure workers’ net pay is in their bank account every Friday – or Thursday when there are Friday Bank Holidays. Q: I need a P45. What do I do? A: If you do not have a P45, your consultant can request one for you. However, if you need a copy P45, HMRC does not allow us to supply this. If you need one, you can fill in a starter checklist with your new employer. Q I need a P60. What do I do? A: We can supply this to you. Q: I'd like a copy of my payslips, is this possible? A: Yes, we can supply these to you, preferably by email. Q: I've been deducted NI but shouldn't have been - what do I do? A: Your randstad consultant will send supporting documentation to payroll, and then a refund can be made. Q: I'm sick. Will I still get paid? A: All PAYE workers are entitled to sick pay (SSP) - contact your randstad consultant for more information on this. Umbrella company: If you are being paid via an umbrella company, we will ensure that all compliance checks are completed before you start your position. Instead of paying your tax weekly (as PAYE workers do), you will pay your own taxes at the end of the year.

how to progress your career.

Applying for a promotion can be intimidating. But if you want to move forward on your career path and increase your future employment prospects, promotions are part of the game. You will rarely have them handed to you, you actually have to get up your nerve and put yourself forward. Are you ready to take that next step? Preparation is the most important thing in this process. Here some points to think about before you have that conversation with your manager. Points for consideration: 1. Understand your accomplishments Being able to clearly highly your achievements will help build your case to why you deserve the promotion. 2. Identify your goals Figure out where you want to get to and explore the journey of how to reach it. 3. Do your research Research into the new job role, showing that you already understand the job role will express your enthusiasm and dedication to the new role. 4. Pick a good time Exploring career progression is most commonly done in performance reviews. But don’t miss the opportunity when there is a change in your team organisation or leadership. 5. Set a meeting Set a meeting to ensure the conversation is professional. Chose an appropriate time and location. Make it clear to your manager that you want to discuss progression so they have time to prepare before. Read the full article here: https://www.randstad.co.uk/career-advice/career-guidance/how-to-progress-your-career-and-get-the-promotion-you-deserve/ Read industry-specific articles here: CPE: https://www.randstad.co.uk/career-advice/career-guidance/how-to-get-a-cso-card/ https://www.randstad.co.uk/career-advice/career-guidance/stem-in-schools-women-in-engineering/ https://www.randstad.co.uk/career-advice/career-guidance/whats-the-career-progression-of-a-quantity-surveyor/ Business & Client solutions: https://www.randstad.co.uk/career-advice/career-guidance/training-and-development-for-pa-jobs/ https://www.randstad.co.uk/career-advice/career-guidance/career-and-job-progression-for-sales-recruitment-in-london/ https://www.randstad.co.uk/career-advice/career-guidance/management-programme-looks-for-the-next-generation-of-finance-leaders/ https://www.randstad.co.uk/career-advice/career-guidance/tips-for-excelling-in-a-trainee-recruitment-consultant-job/ https://www.randstad.co.uk/career-advice/career-guidance/how-to-excel-as-an-office-manager/ Public services: https://www.randstad.co.uk/career-advice/career-guidance/career-goals-for-people-in-teaching-assistant-jobs/ https://www.randstad.co.uk/career-advice/career-guidance/how-to-progress-in-teaching/ https://www.randstad.co.uk/career-advice/career-guidance/social-work-qualifications-and-career-progression/ https://www.randstad.co.uk/career-advice/career-guidance/career-progression-in-social-care/ https://www.randstad.co.uk/career-advice/career-guidance/career-and-job-progression-for-sales-recruitment-in-london/ https://www.randstad.co.uk/career-advice/career-guidance/career-paths-available-to-nursing-professionals/ https://www.randstad.co.uk/career-advice/career-guidance/how-to-progress-in-nursing/ https://www.randstad.co.uk/career-advice/salary/salary-and-job-progression-for-mental-health-workers/ https://www.randstad.co.uk/career-advice/skills/how-can-female-nurses-develop-leadership-skills/ https://www.randstad.co.uk/career-advice/career-guidance/career-paths-available-to-nursing-professionals/

temp vs. perm.

It’s the age of choice with job opportunities coming at you from every direction, be it from a friend who has a vacancy at their workplace, being headhunted on LinkedIn or by actively seeking out a role yourself. One of the questions you may have is about contracting, temp and permanent which one should you choose? Each has their own benefits and while the pros vary from role to role there are some negatives that will lead you to select one type over the others. Temp, Perm, contract: What’s the difference? For those who aren’t sure, temporary and contract work can often be the same thing but the sometimes different language is used to describe the length of the employment. The main difference between a contract role and a permanent job is your own work ‘employment status’ with the employer. When contracting this means you are working for an organisation for a fixed period of time on their payroll or work through an agency like Randstad where we pay directly to you and you will be subject to National Insurance and income tax. Benefits of temporary work. There are many benefits of temporary work. Some of these are but not limited to: Flexible working hours allows you to schedule work around other commitments - Possibility for better work-life balance - Variation means you can try different toles and industries until you find something you like - Variation means you are more likely to stay motivated - Various short term contracts allow you to meet a wide range of new people, which can help build contacts for future jobs. Benefits of permanent work. - Permanent work is typically full time, salaried position with a contract where you have to complete a certain amount of hours each week. - Some advantages of permanent roles are: - Financial stability - Greater job satisfaction - Access to company benefits Benefits of contracting. Contracting is when a worker is hired for a fixed amount of time (usually between three months and a year) and is usually added to the company payroll. Advantages of contracting: - Higher pay - Like temp jobs, you can experience different industries, roles and people - Have greater control over what projects you work on - Plan commitments around your job Salary comparisons. Contracting can offer attractive daily rates but in many ways that greater earning potential is down to your flexibility and can come at the cost of job security. Working this way means you’ll need to invest time and energy to preserve a steady workflow, update your skills and build a reputation. Read the full article for more details here: https://www.randstad.co.uk/career-advice/work-life/contracting-vs-permanent-vs-temporary-work/


When you start a new job, you're bound to have a few questions you want to ask! So, to help you out, we've spoken to our recruitment consultants and put together a list of frequently asked questions and answers for when you apply for a job with Randstad, or work with us. Q: What jobs have you got on offer? A: We've got jobs in care, education, student support, construction, engineering, business support, tech, finance. You can see our full list of jobs here: randstad.co.uk/jobs. You can also come and work for us as a recruiter, or in one of our support functions (marketing, IT, HR, legal). Q: I only want to work two days a week? A: That's fine!! We have got full-time, part-time, temporary and permanent jobs on offer across all sectors. Q: How much money will I earn? A: This will vary depending on which job you are applying for. If you speak to a consultant at Randstad, they will be able to advise you. Q: How do I get paid? A: For our temporary workers, you will complete either a paper or online timesheet that will be processed by our payroll team on a weekly basis. If you begin a permanent position through us, you will be paid directly through the company you are employed with. Q: I want to progress in my career. Can you help me do that? A: Of course! We have jobs available in many different levels of seniority. We also provide free in-house development training to help you upskill yourself. Plus, we have a whole hub of career advice and personal development tips on our website: randstad.co.uk/career-advice Q: Where is my local randstad branch, and where can I work? A: We have offices and jobs available across the UK. Click here to view our office locations: randstad.co.uk/job-seeker/our-offices/ Q: How will my randstad consultant support me? A: Our specialist consultants will work with you before, during and after your placement to ensure you’re fully supported every step of the way. We’ll help you to complete the application process, prepare you for your interview and make sure you’re comfortable in your new role by checking you’re settling in ok and to offer support with administrative responsibilities, such as timesheet processing. Q: I've applied for a job and I didn't get a reply. What does this mean? A: Our consultants process all applications received and will put forwards the person/people that best match the vacancy. Unfortunately due to the high volume of applications we receive, we are unable to respond straight away to all applicants. If you have not heard from us within 4 weeks please assume that in this instance, your application was unsuccessful. We will keep your details on file for any future suitable vacancies.

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