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This area (DMV) treats the service industry differently. I’m not really a fan of the scene overall. There is a clear imbalance of how well certain sectors of staff are treated in the restaurant.
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Productive & fun work environment

Good pay, flexible schedules & good overall management! The money is nice if you good with people! & the management is a little iffy but they're working on it.
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Not professional and does care about employees

Employees are not respecting or looked after. Management is extremely unprofessional and does not conduct themselves well. I would not recommend working here.
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I did not like working at this job would not recommend

An overall bad place to work would not recommend they over work and under pay the staff don’t care what you have going on as long as you come to work.


Free lunch


No breaks no paid holidays
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Great place to work

I had a great experience working there, great management team, we all seamlessly worked together from front of house to the back.We provided top quality food and wine, beverage, and efficient friendly service to our customers which included many high profile guests.Highly recommended


Great employee meals at no cost


Can't think of anything that I would consider being unprofessional
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Good place to work for benefits, immature management.

Management isn’t very responsive or responsible, you’re often left un answered or mislead. Then benefits are good, but the safety hazards with the lack of cleaning they do in the resturaunt is repulsive.
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Pinnacle by industry standards

Absolutely get the job. Made a ton of money. It was easier than other restaurant job yet paid 4x more. Management was what really separates this establishment from the others. Everything ran like a well oiled machine. People executed their job at top tier. Be ready to play in the big leagues when on this floor!
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Great Benefits, Not Much Else

If you stay the year minimum, then the health insurance and the 401k are great, but the tips are very average and the work culture isn't great. The tips are under what comparable restaurants are doing, and working every weekend and all your holidays really starts to take away from your personal and family time, and the compensation for that isn't worth it.


Great Benefits, only open nights except for holidays


Every holiday is required, tips are just average
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best place i've worked in a long time

work environment is so fun everyone is so nice. some of the managers are a pain but there's always something to look forward to. shifts are long but the pay makes up for it.
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I learned that no matter how hard you try and do your best at work, bosses already have their favorite employees and they will never recognize your effort! For the bosses, the worst will always be the best.




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very productive and fun

sierra is the dopest GM any restaurant has ever had. working there makes you feel alive and the people themselves make you want to be there. Customers can be a little iffy, but the workers make it worth it
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The culture and management are unmatched. If you know what you are worth and willing to work than this job is exactly what you need. I went into the interview just looking for “interview experience “ but didn’t expect to accept the job and actually love what I do. The people you meet can change your life and I have never had a job where I wake up and look forward to going to work.
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Loved it when I worked, but management change made it difficult

I do love this restaurant and think that it’s a great place to serve, but since Covid the management has changed a lot. The practices are decent, but depending on management it can be difficult to have a good staff, requested days off, scheduling requests. Definitely interview and feel out the managers. If they seem cool and willing to work with you then it’s a great place!


Big tips, great sr employees, great locations


Not organized sometimes, ac doesn’t always work
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Poor management, decent staff

Fun staff to work with for the most part. Unfortunately management make this place a headache to work at along with high turnover rate and severe understaffing. Little to no room to move up, and management plays favorites as far as enforcing policies.
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Depends who you are and what you do

For the most part, good people and if you get along with everyone it's a fun family. However, they definitely work you (especially if you're waitstaff). Expect to work the holidays if you're coming in around that time because there is a blackout period for requesting off (but they're relatively lenient). There's room to move up (busser to runner to server), but it's really dependent on what positions are needed and can take some time.
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Elitism amongst workers, pay varies

Overall, the managers are very down to earth and will accommodate reasonable requests. The teamwork is lacking on the FOH as everyone is out for themselves for the most part. Servers do the bare minimum outside of helping their guests, Server Assistants are worked like horses for their measly pay. Servers tend to think they are better than the rest. The head chef generally has the same attitude as some absolute Mogul. The rest of the staff in the kitchen is down to earth, paid scraps as well. Overall only a handful make respectable money, it all depends on position. You would think with $500 wine, everyone would make decent money but I guess that isn't Ruth's Chris' fault, lets just blame the libs.
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Big family hard job

The work environment is phenomenal. The few downsides are the fact that you have to work holidays as it is open 365 days a year. Also, the job is truly exhausting at times and boring more times than not if you are a host.
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Coworkers are two faced

The environment at Ruth's Chris isn't good. Coworkers will talk behind your back, there's no helping each other out like other serving jobs I've had. Training wasn't great. The certified trainers weren't as good as those that weren't suppose to train me. Management cater those who've been there longest.
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Lacking leadership

Low pay, lack of direction and no leadership. Managers turn on each other and hourly associates are in the middle of it. It is a shoot from the hip culture.
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Ups and downs

Just like any company Ruth’s has its strengths and weaknesses. Overall great company to work for but this can change from location to location. Front of house heavy staffing lack of sous chefs. So chefs need to be prepared day in day out.
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It is a good gig

It is a good gig. I like it. I get to learn a lot. Most of my learning is self guided. I have used that to learn a lot about the business. It a good job.
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