T.G.I Fridays
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Επιλεγμένη αξιολόγηση Indeed

Επιλέχθηκε ως πιο χρήσιμη από την Indeed
Υπόδειγμα μαγαζιού εστίασης, φιλική διοίκηση και άψογο εργασιακό κλίμα
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Σκληρη εργασια με πιεση

Σκληρη εργασια με μεγαλη πιεση μιση ωρα διαλειμμαδεν πληρωνουν δωρα


Τα γευματα τα πληρωνεις με μικρο κοστος
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Μπορω να πω οτι ηταν μια αρκετα ωραια εμπειρια εμαθα πολλα για το πως δουλευει μια κουζινα ειδικα σε αυτην την εταιρια η οποια μπορει να εξυπηρετησει εως και 700 ατομα ενα σαββατο.
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Hotel Bar

Hotel bar is a tough competition as you have to be great at your job, because there are so many bars in the town, so why staying in the boring hotel bar? Still, with great service and fun i managed to keep the bar busy through out the season. Great experience.
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team work

I usually work during graveyard shift. Committed to work in all stations. Cooking is not my profession but its my passion. Management must always be a good example to employees for them to be followed with respect. As my experience i never had any serious arguments on my managers. I love to work in a Team effort not by individual. I learned that sharing ideas are one of the best ways to have good working relationship with my co-workers. the hardest part of my job was not having enough stocks specially during peak hours. Working during peak hours is what i enjoyed a lot, because i do challenge myself in speed, accuracy and patience.


at least 30 mins break


broken time
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