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Managements were incompetent, staff were great

I found it very cliquey, if you weren’t in with the waitresses then you were outcasted Management do not care about the staff, you were disposable Weekly pay was good and I did meet some really great people there The company as a whole is borderline amoral
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Okay place to work at, pay could be better

Amazing coworkers, easy to get on with and really nice to talk to. Only thing that bothers me is taking multiple plates upstairs, which can lead to being very sore at the end of each shift. When busy, it can be quite stressful but manageable. The tips you get as a Server Assistant can be varied, some days are good, some days isn’t as great. Overall good experience
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Great people, friendly line managers, terrible senior management

Other team members are very friendly and nice. Everyone is close friends and gets along.Management are stressed a lot of the time and clearly overworked.Restaurant understaffed most of the time to save on labour costs. Expect a heavy workload due to this.Short shifts, low amount of hours. Do not expect a consistent amount of hours. Some weeks you'll work 30, some weeks 8.Not paid enough for what you do. Pay increases do not occur - this company pays minimum wage. Tips can be good, but many people lose out on tips at no fault of their own.Hardest part of the job is how customers blame team members for not being quick enough when they have many tasks to do and not enough staff to complete them.Do not recommend for sensitive individuals. You will be shouted at by customers for no fault of your own.


50% discount in any TGI Fridays restaurant


No free meals on shift, bad pay for workload
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Worst place to work ever gave me ptsd no organisation bad staff just dont do it Rubbish staff Worse managers iv ever hadNo respect Just awful over worked and underpaidmThey would make us work over time then not pay us and even take hours off us
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Terrible place to work

Clueless main manager, great example of its not what you know but who you know. Lazy staff get away with doing nothing while decent staff get constantly put on and end up leaving so your stuck with the lazy staff
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Fab work place.. Salary was lacking for the work however :(

During my time at Fridays, I really enjoyed my work environment, co workers, and my managers to this day are still my favourites. Everyone really helped me, even during my worst times. However, as a Door Host, I had a lot of expectations and £6.56 p/h (Even the Waitress' were on that) and a poor percentage of tips really made my experience unenjoyable, as well as during the summer shifts my location often cut my shifts short and removed my overtime shifts, I barely pulled in enough weekly.
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Long hours no breaks unless you work 10 hours. Not much time in between shifts. Can be very stressful to work there. You get free drinks on shift and a free meal on your break
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Good teamwork and friendly management

Working environment is friendly and respectful. There are multi-racial workers and the company cannot accept any discrimination and abuse. Management is very supportive and understandable.


Employee connection, great management


Fast paced environment, cleanliness issues
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Bad coordination

Everything was uncoordinated and people just do whatever they want and the manager were unorganized it’s was not worth the hassle and the were always short staffed.
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TGIs Review

I think this job is pretty good if you are just looking for a bit of cash. Like all Restaurant jobs the work is dependent on how busy the store is. Management obviously depends from store to store. I'd say TGIs is typical of the industry in terms of what to expect.
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Fun but low pay

Good place to work short term, pay can be quite low. Not a lot of support from management but other team members are easy to get on with. Very fast paced environment
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Good as a first or part time job

Great people and friendly managers, very busy at peak times and some VERY rude/aggressive customers if you're working front of house, all dealt with pretty well by management though. Only downside is minimum wage and schedules released with little prior notice.
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not good place to work!!!

not good at all just overall lack of professionalism. a lot of rude customers, this job will help with your customer service skills definitely; however, just exhausting to deal with that clientele.
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great fun place to be

outstanding environment with great peoplethe job was hard but enjoyablecustomers could be a pain but you smile and try to earn a tasty tip management were good i found
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Good customer service

Great customers and management. Some slow days some busy days. Easy to make friends you got great cooks who sometimes serve you free food you get 50 percent off the food. Life is what you make it.


Free lunches


Short breaks
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Can be good

If you are the right personality than it is fantastic. If not then it won't work for you. Requires a great deal of input to get back what you put in sometimes.


50% off food, free shift meals


Long hours high pressure
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awful place to work

will exploit you and take advantage of you every chance they get. would not recommend. unless your a robot. managers take your tips and make you give them over to everyone else. chefs will also get your tips. card tips they take 40% not optional. and your expected to tip out!! would not reccomend this company to anyone ever
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It was really nice working at tgi fridays i made a lot of friends and learned a lot about how a restaurant works, startes as a server, after bartender and finish like manager
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Great place

A very great place to work employees are wonderful and some of the managers are great to work well not all of them but the store it’s self is good and the vibe there is great
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Fun and fast paced

Difficult place to work as high volume of guests but overall a very enjoyable experience with a great team and great management. Tronc is great as are the regular tips you receive
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