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flexible and decent pay

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Cool place to work because the food is great and you got an employee discount, which made lunch or dinner cheap when you were working. Management was nice and kept things light but productive.
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Not very pleasing to work.

Zaxby's was not a very pleasing place to work they treated their employees like trash. And they treated their guests like trash as well.Don't ever work at zaxby's


Free lunch


Bad hospitality Short break
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I personally loved it here

I would love to write a great essay but this was my first job and honestly I enjoyed it too much. I really loved my coworkers first of all. Managers were easy to talk to.


50% meal discounts, bonding with coworkers
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Avoid if at all possible

Management is very poor. They do not hold anyone accountable for poor job performance and are very harsh about calling out. If you call out more than twice in a 6 month period you will be terminated. Employees are undercompensated for the amount of work they take on.
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Typical fast food job

Overworked & underpaid. They’re flexible with the schedule but that’s about it. You have to deal with rude customers and often have to stay late to close.
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not worth the hassle

i worked here and i can say they do not care about you. i didn’t get a raise in the entire two years i worked there. i did my job very well in my opinion and i was constantly pulling the extra weight since they’re so understaffed. they’re always out of half of their menu items. they HAVE NO TRAINING PROGRAM WHATSOEVER. you will be taught how to do your job by someone that has worked there for a few months and has NO CLUE what they’re doing or how to correctly do it. it is very stressful because the management is BAD. the kitchen staff cause lots of problems because they do not care so they produce product that is wrong, undercooked, burnt, old, cold, refried like three times, and it is pathetic. this causes upset customers who lash out at the cashiers when the food is wrong or takes to long to be served. the kitchen is ALWAYS playing catch up. it’s stressful and you do not get paid enough to have to deal with the heated shouting from the cooks, managers, and customers.
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Pretty good place

Not bad place to work. Good first job. The only reason I don’t like it was the constant push for drive time over many things. Places is overall pretty decent.
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productive , fun

a nice and easy going place to work . lots of free time and down time. the managers are willing to around schedule regarding having kids and being in school
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Management does not work well with team member

Zaxby's as a franchise is great because of its core values and methods in which it produces its delicious foods but the franchise that I work with lacked a lot of training and Hands-On of meeting the expectations with managers and management . Specifically with the district manager.
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Productive workplace

A very productive workplace where you’ll never be bored. It’s perfect for any teen’s first job. The job is really easy is you know how to count money and take down the customer’s order correctly.
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Don’t work there

Upper management doesn’t care about there employees and lets people that have been there a long time do or say what every they want one manger has no respect for anyone even if your there gm the owner will just tell you to suck it up don’t work there if your looking for a friendly environment to work in
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This was my first job

During the time I was working there(2014-2017) everything was great idk how it is now but from what I remember it was a good place to work pay was good & atmosphere was good as well.
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Working at Zaxbys

Working at Zaxbys was ok until I started going out the way to clean up things that nobody has touched for years and knowing how it was set up and how disrespectful the management was goes to show that I'll never work there again they ruined my appetite while working in their conditions and they had me working in...


They payed good and it was easy to learn how to setup meals


The manager and especially the co manager was very disrespectful the kitchen was disgusting
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I enjoy working here

I just started working here recently, so far so good. I’ve had some bad jobs before so this is a great start so far, and i’m paid fairly. Love it here


Free food, good management, customer orientated


no breaks
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A trying and stressful environment

Every day is something new. I never know what my hours look like and it is incredibly hard to get the kind of hours I need. I have worked there for over a year and people who started just a week ago get more hours than me.
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Love my job

I absouletly love my job manangement is great not stressed out like other fast food places flexible hours it does get really busy but the teamwork is great
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The worker work very good together.

I love my job it keeps me busy.And that's what I need. The managers is a big help they work with until you catch on,but they also about getting the work done. Come on by in have a Salad it's worth the Drive.


I only work 5 hours good good food


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Delusional management.

Management speaks to employees direspectfuly. Paid low wages. Toxic work environment. Negative environment. Lazy co-workers and lack of motivation. Employees who work have to pick up the slack of others who don't work and management allows it to continue
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Really good coworkers

The people I worked with made this job ten times easier. Learning management skills as I progressed with the company was super helpful for future jobs.
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Very fast paced and attitudes tend to occur

There’s no actually training, you’re sent onto an ipad to watch multiple videos then take test. After that they just throw you in and expect you to know what you’re doing.
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This was my first job. I learned a lot working there about how fast food works. It was a good experience that let me help develop some key skills that I will definitely take with me.
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